I’ve always wanted to make a videogame. Since I enjoy so many different creative things, it seems like a natural way to put them all together in one place: graphics, music, storywriting…

Well, I haven’t finished a game yet, but there’s a game idea (which then evolved into a game design document, and afterwards into an actual game I’m making) that has been acompanying me for the past few years: Monster Embassy. The game has evolved a lot, and it will probably evolve a lot more too before I eventually finish it.

One of the things that has changed is the game’s main music theme, the one that you can hear on the titlescreen. It started off as a 16-bit game with midi music, until it became what it is now, a chiptune/pixel game inspired by the Game Boy Color.

This is the current version of the theme, which I finished a few weeks ago on LSDJ:

And here you can listen to the main iterations the theme has gone through, from 2014 to 2019:

Along the way, I’ve learnt a lot about music composition and changed software many times. The last (sixth) version is my favorite, followed by the second.

A bit of trivia: the first version of the song wasn’t related to Monster Embassy at all! I made it before I even came up with the concept. It’s actually the beginning of a different song, but I liked it so much that I decided to expand it and turn it into something else.

Also, disclaimer: I can’t actually play the keyboard, the first version of the Monster Embassy theme might be about the only song I can play in it…