Hi there! I can’t believe I haven’t posted here in two months, and after just three meager posts… My apologies. From now on I’ll try to make more of an effort to get this thing going, if time permits.

To be honest, for the past month or two, my creative projects have been advancing mostly offline and off the computer. My “star child” at the moment is what I call the Monster Embasy Folderbook (“Llibreta-carpeta” in Catalan), which is just a notebook that I also turned into a folder by adding some holes to it and an elastic band. Yeah. Pretty cool, right?

photo photo

This is where I’m keeping all drawings and documentation on the characters of my videogame project, Monster Embassy. It’s color-coded, so the characters are classified depending on which of the 12 “chapters” (areas) of the game they appear in.

After 4 years of designing characters on-and-off, I can finally say that I at least have a sketch/working version of EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER that will be in the game, no matter if they’re one-liners or protagonists. There’s 108 of them, 32 of which are monsters and the rest, humanoid characters of different fantasy species. I myself wasn’t aware that I had enough imagination to create that many, although some of them still require a lot of work.


I’ve drawn them in a simplistic way with markers, designed different facial expressions for each one and decided a bit on their personality, family and friends, location, occupation, etc. This has also allowed me to finally plan exactly which areas will appear in every episode of the game in more detail: for example, Character A’s house, library where Character B works, underground cave where character C lives… Everything is coming together slowly.

I must say that the style of the new “human” drawings is heavily influenced by my latest obsession, the cartoon series Steven Universe, but they will almost certainly still change in the final version. I’m currently working on repairing a laptop with a Wacom tablet for a screen (an old but reliable Thinkpad x60T model), so when that’s finished it will be perfect for working on some digital illustrations of the characters.


After these years, I feel like I’m slowly figuring out how this project will pan out. One of the things that I’ve come to understand and accept is that the character’s designs will probably still evolve and change for a very long time: particularly considering that I plan on using placeholder graphics in the game for as long as I can to prevent having to redo stuff later on, which means that I will be free to make changes until the very end. So this “folderbook” is still another step in a very long journey, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t feel fulfilled by and proud with it.

Now, to transfer all this planning and work to the computer and keep working on the game…

If you’ve come this far, thank you so much for reading, and my best wishes to you! Until the next time (hopefully sooner),